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Witch Please Women's T Shirt

Size: S
Color: Black

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"Witch, please! Talk to the hand because your spells are not being cast upon me!" We're not saying that line is perfect, but if they ever do reboot The Wizard of Oz, we think that would be a perfect way to start off a conflict. In any event, we're here today to talk about our beautiful new Witch Please glitter ink Halloween t-shirt. Not only is it a delicious pun, but it's also printed with our new glitter ink. Keep in mind, this isn't the cheap stuff you buy at the mall. Thanks to the inks high quality and our high heat curing process, you won't have to worry about this bad boy flaking or wearing out any time soon! Do you know a lot of people who are planning on dressing up as witches for Halloween? Do you want to have the perfect piece of clothing to wear when they do? This new ladies shirt will get laughs more than anything else at the Halloween party.