Wiener Wars Dachshund Dogs T-Shirt

Do you feel the call of the dark side? Are you beckoned by the light? Either way, we think that we've come up with something fantastic for both the Star Wars and Dachshund fan in your life will love. This funny parody t-shirt is here, and it's ready to make you burst out into fits of giggles. Even if you don't love wiener dogs, chances are that you'll laugh your butts off at the mental image that this tee gives you.

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Weiner wars is here. Show off your skills with a cardboard lightsaber. Go see the biggest movie in the last decade again, and use one of these cool t-shirts to complete your ensemble! This super soft tee features an original design, and comes in three different styles! If you happen to be a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy series, we think that you should also take a look at our May The Meow Be With You tee. It's like this one, but it has a pair of cute cats instead of dogs!