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Funny Covid t-shirts that let you stay socially distant during quarantine but have a laugh at the same time!

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We went nuts on our sarcastic covid tees. We know how hard it has been to quarantine and wanted to at least make people laugh. We’ve come up with some of the funniest sayings such as I’ve been practicing social distancing for years t-shirt. I mean 2020 was a dumpster fire and we make sure the reigning social distancing champion is awarded with a hilarious top!

They say you can’t fix stupid but you can’t quarantine it either! If spring break is at Porcha Myardo you’ve come to the right place to crack a joke. Just remember everything is going to be okay and be sure to wear your mask and wash your hands! We have our hilarious 2020 CHASED BY ZOMBIES CORONAVIRUS or feel the sarcasm on the sorry I was on mute top. We will get through this together and be sure to check out our funny masks as well. Just something to add a little sass and humor to your day!