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Santa Pug Ugly Christmas Sweater Men's Tshirt

Size: S
Color: Blue

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Ugly Christmas sweaters are supposed to be ugly, right? Of course they are. It's something that we really went for when we started coming up with our ugly Christmas sweater shirts last year. We decided to go one step further and go with a mascot that was considered to be ugly, or at least unpleasant looking, but a good portion of the general populace. Now, don't get us wrong. We know that one of our new Santa Pug Ugly Christmas Sweater t-shirt features one of the most beloved dog breeds in America. We know that the little critters are cute, even if they have sorta ugly pushed in faces. The result is the tee that you see before you now, which brings forth a new character here at CrazyDog. We give you Santa Pug!