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I Wrestled An Anaconda For 6 Days Men's Tshirt

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Color: Black

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Can we ask you a question? Have you ever thought that you were wrestling an anaconda for 6 days, only to realize that you were doing something else? Well, we may have found an answer for you, and it's the subject of our latest offensive t-shirt. Those of you who may feel the need to wear our "I Wrestled an Anaconda for 6 Days" offensive shirt may have shared a common experience. For some, it's extremely traumatic, while others are able to look back on it and laugh. There you were, caught in a life and death struggle with an anaconda. For those of you not up to date on legless reptiles, an anaconda is the largest of all the snakes. It's also a played-out metaphor for something else, but more on that later. After 6 days of wrestling with the anaconda, you realize that you haven't been wrestling at all. You were in fact, masturbating. If this has ever happened to you, there are two things that we want to suggest to you. First, get yourself into therapy. After that, check out one of these sweet "I Wrestled an Anaconda for 6 Days" offensive t-shirts!